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The ultimate app for urban transportation decision making is here!AlterNativ lets you:* Plan urban travels in a personalized manner* Compare transportation methods to find the most quick, eco, fit or cheap way to get there* See how much calories you'll burn, money you'll spend, CO2 you'll emit ant time you'll waste on traveling* be part of the move towards a smarter, greener, more efficient urban transportation reality.
AlterNativ is an app for inner-city navigation, which helps users make conscious choices between transportation methods based on their current preference - protect the environment, burn calories, arrive quickly, or save money.The annonymized data collected can later be harvested by the city to provide insights for transportation planning.
*****AlterNativ is a 2-part platform:
A Mobile AppAn App for the people of the city, which enables them to choose the most suitable transport method for them. The ap compares between walking, driving, public transit, taxi, biking, etc. The choice is made according to what is most important to the user: arriving quickly, burning calories, emitting less pollutants or commuting cheaply. Once a transportation method is chosen, the relevant route information (bus lines, bike route, etc) will be displayed on a map. Such information is derived from open transport data available in the city, and mashes up data from various sources.
A Big Data Analysis ModuleAlterNativ comes with a BI platform for municipalities which records anonymously every choice made by users in the app, aggregates the data and displays emerging patterns according to location, time of day, weather and trip pattern, and delivers insights to the municipal government via analytical tools.The data collected can highlight trends, and power long term planning for creating the right mixture of transportation services, as well as for making specific decisions in order to tweak the existing systems according to demand.In order to access this data, municipalities need to become AlterNativ partners.
Download AlterNativ and start choosing your own way - today!